Welcome to Entrepreneur Country


Background of Reading – Welcome to Entrepreneur Country “Welcome to Entrepreneur Country” is an interesting book. I bought it with “Positive Linking” and “How to Thrive in Digital Age”, yes $10. Do I wanna be an entrepreneur? I didn’t know yet after I have read the book. But I want to know more successful stories […]

Positive Linking


Positive Linking Background Positive Linking is a book about how networks are revolutionising the world. The author, Paul Ormerod, believes that we should understand and take advantage of this revolution of network and improve our societies. Setting By observing the past, it is found that network is revolution, from individuals to businesses, network building is […]

All Business is Local


All Business is Local Background All Business is Local is a book discussing running business in both local and global, internet, transportation and logistics. It is a piece of work on understanding how places affect businesses and how to manage and market businesses based on different places. Setting In the last 20 years, IT booming […]

The Business Model Navigator

Business Model Navigator

Business Model Navigator Background Business Model Navigator is a book about innovation of business model. It is a piece of research work reviewing, learning, combining and applying business models from different industries. Setting The research is based at the University of St. Gallen Business School and the research team analysed the most revolutionary business model […]