The Most Important Thing Illuminated

Background The Most Important Thing Illuminated is a piece of work from Howard Marks. It gathers his hard-earned wisdom through the past along with insights from Christopher C. Davis, Joel Greenblatt, Paul Johnson and Seth A. Klarman. Setting The author aims to benefit readers to learn how to be an above average investors rather than […]

Data-Driven Marketing

Background Data-Driven Marketing is a research work about marketing in the last decade. Surprisingly, most companies, even those successful ones, don’t have a solid process and system to evaluate their own marketing performance. The book attempts to provide a marketing framework to help businesses on monitoring and improving marketing investment. Setting The research work is […]

Security Analysis

Security Analysis

Background Security Analysis is a legendary item in the world of investment. Benjamin Graham discussed how to analyze securities based on value rather than speculating. He defined scope and limitations of security and provide a framework on investment by focusing on margin of safety, finding out the intrinsic value and ensuring earning and capital structure […]

Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules

Background Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules is a piece of work by Jeremy Miller. He obtains the permission from Warren Buffett to study his partnership letters and extracts words of wisdom from them. Setting The time was around 1950’s to 1960’s when Warren Buffett just quit his job from hsi most respected teacher Benjamin Graham’s investment […]