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Invisible Selling Machine

Invisible Selling Machine

Background of Reading – Invisible Selling Machine My business partner recommended me to read a book called Invisible Selling Machine becasue he found it useful. Review – Invisible Selling Machine It is about how to build a digital marketing system in order to generate sales and brand your product. It is a very good read. […]

The Personal MBA


Background of Reading – The Personal MBA The Personal MBA looked interesting for me because I was thinking to do a MBA. However, I had doubts on what MBA is offering by most universities. Are they really good educators to teach me that? And when I have a look on the job market, do we […]

All Business is Local


All Business is Local Background All Business is Local is a book discussing running business in both local and global, internet, transportation and logistics. It is a piece of work on understanding how places affect businesses and how to manage and market businesses based on different places. Setting In the last 20 years, IT booming […]