Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords

Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords

Background of Reading – Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords

In the previous post, I have shown my review on a book, 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall. Perry Marshall, is one of the digital marketing gurus and he has some good books on Digital Marketing. And today, I am reviewing a book written by him, called Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords.

Review – Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords

Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords is a bible on how to use Google Adwords. The book I read is the fourth edition which is the latest update.

The content comprehensively talks about how to apply 80/20 principle into Google Adwords. There are questions you need to answer in Digital Marketing.

  • First, how to generate more leads?
  • After you have the leads, how to work on prospecting?
  • And then, how to segment your prospects?
  • And eventually, how to make sales?
  • If they don’t buy, how to do remarketing?

This book is a great for some one who is interested to step into Google Adwords. I have read the book and following it for my own business. Normally, CTR for eCommerce is average on 1.5% and my campaign is average on 5% plus. So, should you read it?

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