Sales Growth

Sales Growth


Looking for growth today can be an enormous challenge for companies in a complicated and fast-changing business environment. It is never an easy task, however in Sales Growth, experts from McKinsey & Company provide a practical blue-print for achieving this mission impossible. By revealing what world-class sales executives are doing right now to spot and capture growth. On top of that, how they are creating the capabilities to keep growing in the future.


This book can be broken down into five overarching strategies:

  1. Find Growth Before Your Competitors Do
  2. Sell The Way Your Customers Want
  3. Supercharge Your Sales Engine
  4. Focus On Your People
  5. Lead Sales Growth

The book focuses on the valuable lessons that power growth, including how to get ahead of the competition by taking advantage of trends and turning complex analysis into simple guidelines that sales reps on your front line need to sell better.

Page by page, you’ll learn how successful sales executives find untapped pockets of growth, act like locals to make the most of emerging markets opportunities, and power growth through digital sales. You’ll also discover what it takes to find big growth in big data, develop the right “sales DNA” in your organization, and improve channel performance.

  • Based on interviews of more than 120 of today’s most successful global sales leaders, from a wide array of B2C and B2B organizations
  • Offers real-life examples of how successful sales leaders overcame the challenges encountered in the quest for growth
  • Contains insights on finding growth before your competitors, optimizing sales operations and technology, developing sales talent and capabilities, and much more

Created by sales executives for sales executives, this book will provide you with the practical guidelines and useful insights to drive sales growth today and in the future.


The book is classified as Sales & Marketing and Business Strategy in my blog.

About Authors

Thomas Baumgartner is a partner in McKinsey & Company’s Vienna office. He co-leads McKinsey’s work on sales and channels globally. Baumgartner advises clients in industries including high-tech, electronics, transportation, basic materials, telecommunications, and consumer goods—where he helps them outline and drive large-scale, top-line growth programs.

Homayoun Hatami is a partner in McKinsey & Company’s Paris office. He co-leads McKinsey’s work on sales growth. Hatami has a broad range of experience working with high-tech and telecommunications clients in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Jon Vander Ark is a partner in McKinsey & Company’s Detroit office. He co-leads McKinsey’s work on sales growth. He has deep expertise in sales and channel management across industries including travel, automotive, industrial, and consumer durables.


I own an eCommerce and recently, I keep thinking how to make more Profit. Amazon and eBay, these giants are running and innovating. How can I get my space in this online retail market? So, I found this book, Sales Growth. It is a work from the research team of Salesforce.

Sales Growth is a piece of sales and marketing research work. The research team of Salesforce interviews CEOs from different industries. And then, it summarizes the point of view of those CEOs and setup a framework of a sales engine. There is a Q&A section at the end of each chapter on how CEOs think sales and marketing should be.

If you have any question, feel free to email me at I will try my best to answer your.

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