How to Sell – Recipes for Retail

How to Sell

Background of Reading – How to Sell – Recipes for Retail

In my current status, I need to know more about how to do sales. Retail is a very interesting business for me because I have no idea how it works and it is highly related to sales. So, I bought this book, How to Sell – Recipes for Retail, and have a look.

Review – How to Sell – Recipes for Retail

The book is quite good, the idea is not as complicated as I thought and it demonstrates how retail works. There are few management and strategy advices to help you out if you are running a retail business.

It give you examples on how sales related to inventory management and store decoration. Also, how bad the situation will go if the stock turnover is late or too early. Overall, it is a must-read book for retail business owner.

There is one thing I have found that interesting is that retail also talks about project management. I means that I can apply my project management skills in my own. 😀

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