Data-Driven Marketing


Data-Driven Marketing is a research work about marketing in the last decade. Surprisingly, most companies, even those successful ones, don’t have a solid process and system to evaluate their own marketing performance. The book attempts to provide a marketing framework to help businesses on monitoring and improving marketing investment.


The research work is based marketing performance of US companies in the last decade. Based on interviews and workshops with companies. Mark gathered data from them and do an indeep analysis on their performance. By analyzing them, he found that there are patterns, high performers and low performers.


The book is presented in 3 parts. Part 1 talks about essential elements for marketing. Part 2 introduces 15 Metrics which radically improve marketing performance. Part 3 attempts to drive businesses to the next level in marketing.  


The book is classified as Sales & Marketing in my blog.


Mark Jeffery is the Director of Technology Initiatives and Senior Lecturer in the Center for Research in Technology and Innovation at the Kellogg School of Management. He has more than thirty publications in management, scientific, and technology journals, and has published twenty-four original case studies with Harvard Business School Publishing. At Kellogg, he directs multiple executive programs including Strategic Data-Driven Marketing and Driving Strategic Value from IT, and teaches in custom executive programs for many organizations including Microsoft and DuPont. He is also the Managing Partner of Agile Insights LLC, a marketing and technology consultancy (


I buy this book, “Data-Driven Marketing”, because I am very interested in marketing. And surprisingly, I found that the book is one of Jeff Bezos’ favour after I have read the book.

This book is a very good book. It points out common mistakes that most companies misunderstand and do wrong. Following with definitions on KPIs for marketing and argues that marketing is more about ROI not just being creative.

It really helps me as a business owner to work out how to set up the marketing right. I recommend this book because it is an interesting and useful one.

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