All Business is Local


All Business is Local


All Business is Local is a book discussing running business in both local and global, internet, transportation and logistics. It is a piece of work on understanding how places affect businesses and how to manage and market businesses based on different places.


In the last 20 years, IT booming creates lots of successful businesses, eg. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google. They help driving businesses breaking their own geographic boundary and pushing businesses to operate from local to global.

However, this phenomenon is about placing individuals into a network of different places, of which, the business natures are basically reminded the same.


The message of the book is about why local business matters more than global and virtual world. The book defines “Places” which individuals are active living on. They are psychological place, physical place, virtual place and geographic place. Different places have different natures. It discusses how to manage different places and how to market in different places.


The book is classified as Sales & Marketing in my blog. It is a good read to understand the nature of places in the 4 Ps theory.


John Quelch is Dean of CEIBS, the highest ranked business school in China. He’s also a former Dean of the London Business School and a former professor at Harvard Business School. Katherine E. Jocz is a research associate at Harvard Business School and a former director at Marketspace. Their work has been featured in the Harvard Business Review among other publications.


After I have submitted my thesis, there was a period that I worked for my friend’s business. At that moment, I didn’t have much business experience, so, I needed business knowledge badly and I found “All Business is Local” in a local bookstore.

I left it on my bookshelf for dust absorption after reading 30% of it. Not because I didn’t enjoy the book but I didn’t have time for it. Few year late, I looked at the book and heard of a summoning voice. So I finished it and made it out of my list.

Nowadays, lots of people is talking about globalization. However, the book mentions that business should target not just global market but also local business.

It is true because local business is the base of your business. You can have a better support and flexibility on running your business which online world can’t match with that.

If you remote control your business on the other side of the world, it is quite resource consuming, including time and cost, and hard to maintain. Yes, there is internet to support it or you can eventually flight over to support your business but it is not reliable and in a long run, you will need a dedicated team to support that area.

More information and discussion is covered by another book called “Sales Growth” about this globalization topic.

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