What To Do When Machines Do Everything


Malcolm Frank, Paul Roehrig and Ben Pring want to bring this topic and let us re-think what would happen in the coming years. The standpoint of the book is not about should machines take over humans or not. Machines are replacing humans which is the trend and the book is more about how to deal with it and stay with the trend.


There can be separated in three parts of the book. Part 1 clarifies the standpoints of the book and redefines the concept of machines and AI; followed by history to support their points of view and predict what is going to happen during the replacement process. Part 2 attempts to setup an anatomy of the new machines, followed by explanations and discussions on every single part of the new machines. Part 3 suggests what we should do to stay with the trend and not falling behind.


The book is classified as Mindset & Self Development in my blog.

About Authors

MALCOLM FRANK is the executive vice president of strategy and marketing at Cognizant, a global technology consultancy of over 250,000 employees.

PAUL ROEHRIG is vice president of strategy and marketing for Cognizant Digital Business and a founder of the Center for the Future of Work.

BEN PRING leads Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, which helps clients bring the future of work to life today.

Malcolm, Paul, and Ben are also co-authors of Code Halos: How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organizations are Changing the Rules of Business.


This book is interesting to me because my background is a roboticist and I have had fantasy about robots since I was a kid.

The discussion from the book is quite true because machine is nothing new and we have been using it for hundreds of year. It is just the machines are upgrading day by day.

From the standpoint of the book until the anatomy on new machines, I agree with them all. Until the last few chapters, about how to catch with the trend. I have a different point of view. It could be, and should be, different because we have different backgrounds and networks.

I recommend this book because it will give you an angle on how to look at machines nowadays and give you a head up to rethink what you should do with them.

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