Welcome to Entrepreneur Country


Background of Reading – Welcome to Entrepreneur Country

“Welcome to Entrepreneur Country” is an interesting book. I bought it with “Positive Linking” and “How to Thrive in Digital Age”, yes $10. Do I wanna be an entrepreneur? I didn’t know yet after I have read the book. But I want to know more successful stories from those successful entrepreneurs. Julie Meyer is one of them.

Review – Welcome to Entrepreneur Country

This book brings you to a country, a country with lots of trains and every train captain is the entrepreneur of his/her own business. They direct their trains to the position which their visions are long for. They are passionate and energetic. There are lots of experience on how to deal with different situations like interacting with your partners, employees, other entrepreneurs and huge corporate. It is a book with encouragement and there is one thing I learnt from this book. “Think Big, Start Small and Move Fast.”

On top of that, the book has some suggestions on how to grow your business when you are facing lots of enterprise nowadays. Those suggestions are interesting and really help in looking for a solution upon your growth. Enjoy!

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