Positive Linking


Positive Linking


Positive Linking is a book about how networks are revolutionising the world. The author, Paul Ormerod, believes that we should understand and take advantage of this revolution of network and improve our societies.


By observing the past, it is found that network is revolution, from individuals to businesses, network building is getting easier, bigger and faster. Things are now heavily influenced by network nowadays and when things go wrong, the damage can be viral. September 2008 Lehman Brothers went bankrupt is a classic example of this. The entire business network was collapsed.   


The book talks about how network is built and how it affect humans and our economy. It also comes with how the world can be a better place by using network in a positive way.


The book is classified as Mindset & Self Development in my blog.


Paul Ormerod is the author of The Death of Economics, Butterfly Economics and Why Most Things Fail. He studied economics at Cambridge and his career has spanned the academic and practical business worlds, including working at the Economist and as a director of the Henley Centre for Forecasting. He is a Fellow of the British Academy of Social Science and has been awarded a DSc honoris causa for his contribution to economics by the University of Durham.


I found “Positive Linking” in a $10 book store. Cheap books don’t necessarily mean bad books. I had a look into the preface and  found it interesting. So, I put it in my cart and brought it back home.

“Positive Linking” is a book about how we should use our fast growing digital network to influence others in a positive and constructive way.

Nowadays, digital world keeps growing. We have more ways to manage our network apart from traditional physical networking. Social media brings us closer and information spreads faster than we ever had.

Because of that, we have to consider how we manage this digital network more carefully. The book suggests us to have a good influence on others rather than being a negative energy source.

I think it is true that we should stay positive no matter how bad the situation is. To be successful, it is not about our skills to solve problems but our attitude to face them.

Encourage you to have a look into this book and check out how to use the digital world better than ever.

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