The E Myth Revisited

E Myth Revisited

Background of Reading – The E Myth Revisited

The E Myth Revisited is a book recommended by a friend of mine. He mentioned that in his previous business, he has done lots of things bad which could be prevented if he had had read this book. SO, I have a look of this.

Review – The E Myth Revisited

This book is a good read as in it tells you a common thinking of a technician, quitting his job and starting his own business, very similar to what I am doing.

It points out that technician is good at problem solving in his/her own field. However, it is very risky for a technician to start and run a business without an entrepreneur mindset and management skills. The mindset among entrepreneurs, managers and technicians are very huge different. And you need to balance them if you wanna start one.

The book also tells you how to structure a small business to survive. Hence, It is definitely what I need at the moment.

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