PRINCE2 for Dummies

PRINCE2 for Dummies

Background of Reading – PRINCE2 for Dummies

PRINCE2 is a project management methodology mainly used in UK and AUS. I was interested in this book, PRINCE2 for Dummies, because I was involved in a project which the project manager didn’t have enough time to manage the project. Well, she was totally overloaded. So, I need to know more on how to manage a project as a team in a professional way. Then I could share her workload. There are other methodologies such as Agile and PMI. Maybe I will talk about them later.

Review – PRINCE2 for Dummies

This book is well written because the author Nick Graham is a PRINCE2 trainer with years of experience in project management field. The book gives you some background and history of PRINCE2 and explains PRINCE2 methodology along with his experience. This brings the book alive and much more interesting just a reference book. You will need to read this book with “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2”, an official user manual for PRINCE2 users.

Presonally, I am a fan of PRINCE2 because it takes care of goverance of a project team and gives you a framework on stakeholder managers, not just the bosses but also your team members.

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