Fearless Change

Fearless Change

Background of Reading – Fearless Change

I am an engineer, excellent in conceptual design, calculation, writing reports and presentations. However, up to change management, I am just a little baby.  Fearless Change was introduced by a man in an Agile meetup. I shared some on my worries with this man who I have never seen before (thanks to the beer). He told me to look into this “Fearless Change”.

Review – Fearless Change

“Fearless Change” is about how to make changes in a community. It is a good book because they observe and study different change stories and find out different “change patterns”. Within a community, there are different groups of people classified based on their change resistance and change durability.

Interesting book to read if you wanna change something. And yes, you are changing yourself when you are willing to read and act this book.

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