Agile Project Management for Dummies


Background of Reading – Agile Project Management for Dummies

If you follow the blog, you will know I am taking the project manager path for my career. “Agile” is a big term in IT industry, it is quickly moving, spreading towards hardware industry. Indeed Toyota is using a method call Lean as a car manufacturing company. I read Agile Project Management for Dummies because I was planning to sit for my Agile PM exam and now I am currently an Agile PM Practitioner for my entire life.

Review – Agile Project Management for Dummies

Agile is a methodology to manage a software development life cycle. Traditional, people is using waterfall but water fall introduces problems based on project control, failing rate and customer satisfaction. This book gives you a background on Agile, Agile framework on project management and some techniques you can use. Good knowledge to know of.

As a project manager, I keep Agile framework as a tool in my toolbox but not praising it to sky. I know there are lots of groups praising Agile to a very high standard, and a bit of oversight. Because Agile is heavily customer focus and product deliver. However, upon goverance and risk management, it is a bit weak on those.

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