Supermoney is a book written by Adam Smith, who records the US stock history in 1970s by showing stories in this dark age.


There can be separated in two parts of the book. Part 1 defines “Supermoney” with a brief study on what stock market is and how economics works. Part 2 is basically stories telling. Adam Smith records stories of individual investors, professionals like bankers and brokers. At the end, discussion about the entire economic system.


The book is classified as Investment in my blog.

About Authors

“Everyone who is anyone in U.S. investment knows ‘ADAM SMITH,’ ” wrote Newsweek. While originally he had a fanatic following in the financial community, his reputation has now spread far beyond. Professor Paul Samuelson, America’s first Nobel laureate in economics, called his book, The Money Game, “a modern classic.”


This book is an interesting one. It records what happened in the age of 1970s in the stock market and surprisingly, people doesn’t behave much different nowadays comparing to 1970s.

There are lots of teaching inside the book and there should be one fitting in your current situation.

I hope that everyone who invests in stocks should have read this book to learn from the past.

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