Rich Dad Poor Dad


Background of Reading – Rich Dad Poor Dad

I have heard the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, when I was very young. But I didn’t have a chance to read that. I bought that because one of my friends reminded me the book. So, that’s the chance.

Review – Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book is stunning. It talks about the myth which I doubt with and that the majority keeps telling me: “get a good academic result and get into a professional and get good pay job etc”. I dislike and doubt that’s for me because I couldn’t find any engineering job after I’ve finished my engineering PhD, not even an intern-ship. Profession may not lead you to be financial secured.

Yes, I trust professional to make world better but it is not the way to keep me surviving. Rich Dad Poor Dad confirms my thought and gives me insight on how to develop my financial security, through financial intelligence. This is a MUST-SHARE book.

So, I messaged one of my friends and shared this book, this was how he replied, “Yes, I have read this. Follow it Stan. I never did and am not ready to retire now.”

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