Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits


Kenneth L. Fisher learnt a lot of things from his father, Philip A. Fisher. He condense the knowledge and experience and share the wisdom by publishing the book, Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits.   


There are three parts of the book. Part 1 is about common stock and uncommon profit which guides you from picking, buying holding and selling stock, along with don’t dos. Part 2 is about how to be a conservative investors and explains why is it the best choice by considering different dimensions. Part 3 is helping readers to develop an investment philosophy.


The book is classified as Investment in my blog.

About Philip A. Fisher

Philip A. Fisher began his career as a securities analyst in 1928, and founded Fisher & Company, an investment counseling business, in 1931. He is known as one of the pioneers of modern investment theory.


I buy this book, “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits”, simply because it is one of the books recommended by Warren Buffet.

This book is about how Philip A.Fisher’s experience and philosophy in stock market. It gives you a framework on how to pick stocks, when to buy and sell etc.

On top of that, he looks into the stocks from a management point of view which is a very interesting and he makes his points.

I recommend this book because it will give you a tool in your investment tool box.

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