The Personal MBA


Background of Reading – The Personal MBA

The Personal MBA looked interesting for me because I was thinking to do a MBA. However, I had doubts on what MBA is offering by most universities. Are they really good educators to teach me that? And when I have a look on the job market, do we need that many MBA graduates to flooded our job market? Why do I need a MBA? For a pay raise? For a better opportunity?

So, when I saw this book sitting on the book shelf in a public book store, I just bought it straight away.

Personally, I need the MBA knowledge but I won’t pay $20k+ and 2 years to buy the certification and end up being a MBA graduate in a job market flooded with MBAs. Hence, I bought this book “The Personal MBA”.

Review – The Personal MBA

In the first chapter, Josh Kaufman confirms what I think and the following chapters show me more and more about what a business is and how you should run a business.

I don’t wanna say much about this book because the content of the book is so rich and I high recommend my friends to read it themselves if they are serious in their business. It is really a good book to have on your shelf.

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