Background of Reading – Free

This is a book talking about business model playing around with the idea of “Free”. Well, but the book itself is not free. I read this book because I want to know more about the trend and how Google does business with Freemium.

Review – Free

Free talks about how businesses use the idea of “Free” to set up their business models. There are mainly 4 types and I encourage you to read the book yourself.

This book also confirms my observation that the price of most items on earth are decreasing. I remember when I was doing my PhD, the price of a Bluetooth chip is $40 and you need $80 for a pair to make a full communication between 2 devices. And after that you need to design a circuit, solder electronics and programming to make the communication works. Today, a single Bluetooth module pricing around $3 in ebay and you can plug into an Arduino with a bit of C programming. You can then use a smart phone to control it. The cost of material is dropping per year and at some point, price of most items on earth will be close to zero. But as a business, she has to find a way for income to make herself sustainable. That’s what this book is exploring.

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