Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy

Background of Reading – Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy, a book I heard when I was still in high school. As it is a classic, I bought it and hoping to find some gems from it. The one I got is an expanded version which means the authors put in some additional materials to modernize the content.

Review – Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy is for executives to read. The content is not hard to understand at all. It is about identifying red ocean and define blue ocean for your business. Giving you some tips to avoid read ocean traps. They suggest using classic waterfall to create blue ocean for a well established company which including value creation, marketing, value delivery and even after sale support. For Agile fans, you won’t like this.

To be honest, the book is worthwhile to have a look because it helps you to understand sales and marketing. And help you to identify what products you wanna try.

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