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Hello there, this is Stan, an entrepreneur. Nowadays, there are lots of information around the world talking about entrepreneurship. For me, it is amazing and I have made my decision to join this new force.

When I was in my PhD program, I was thinking to finish off my degree and stay in academic world. But there was a professor changed my mind. We met in an international conference hold in China. I can’t rememeber his name but our conversation really inspires me. We were talking about my future after the completion of my thesis. I was worried on how to get a post-doc position. And he asked me, “Why don’t you start your own business?” That’s really shocked me because I have never think of that.

After the submitting my thesis, I worked in a few positions. They were interesting positions which lead me to project management. By doing those, I understand more and more on how leadership and management accelerate business and product development. After 3 years of working for others, I step out of the comfort zone and starting my own.

About this Blog

I would like to build this blog to share my experience and knowledge to influence more people to start their own. Personally, I believe in reading. Just like Warren Buffett, he spends 80% of his time on reading and that’s the reason he is so successful and so called the wisest man on the planet.

So, what you can expect in this blog? I am sharing books I have read with a little comment on what I think about the books. I won’t say too much about them because it is much better for you to dig in and find out the knowledge yourself. You will also find that some books are older than this very first blog. It is because I use the date when I finished reading the books as the date of the posts.

If you have any question, feel free to email me at I will try my best to answer your.

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