The Personal MBA


Background of Reading – The Personal MBA The Personal MBA looked interesting for me because I was thinking to do a MBA. However, I had doubts on what MBA is offering by most universities. Are they really good educators to teach me that? And when I have a look on the job market, do we […]

Innovator’s Dilemma


Background of Reading – Innovator’s Dilemma Innovator’s Dilemma I keep searching books which are good for my enterprenuership. So, I start looking for books recommended by successful persons like Steve Jobs, Bill Gate and Warrent Buffett etc. Later on, I come up with a reading list which is a combination of successful persons’ reading list, […]

Positive Linking


Positive Linking Background Positive Linking is a book about how networks are revolutionising the world. The author, Paul Ormerod, believes that we should understand and take advantage of this revolution of network and improve our societies. Setting By observing the past, it is found that network is revolution, from individuals to businesses, network building is […]