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Principles Background Principles is a book written by Ray Dalio. He is a successful investor who found Bridgewater. After he is being successful, he would like to help others to achieve successfulness. Hence, he published his book, Principles. Setting The story of Ray Dalio is mainly in US, around 1950’s to 2010’s. He has a […]

The Most Important Thing Illuminated

The Most Important Thing Illuminated Background The Most Important Thing Illuminated is a piece of work from Howard Marks. It gathers his hard-earned wisdom through the past along with insights from Christopher C. Davis, Joel Greenblatt, Paul Johnson and Seth A. Klarman. Setting The author aims to benefit readers to learn how to be an […]

Positive Linking


Positive Linking Background Positive Linking is a book about how networks are revolutionising the world. The author, Paul Ormerod, believes that we should understand and take advantage of this revolution of network and improve our societies. Setting By observing the past, it is found that network is revolution, from individuals to businesses, network building is […]