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Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics

Background of Reading – Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics I bought this book, “Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics”, becuase I am current running a digital marketing business which is a very exciting venture and meaningful for us. On top of that, I believe Google will keep dominating the website industry. So, it is […]

Asset Management – Whole-life management of physical assets

Asset Management – Whole-life management of Physical Assets

Background of Reading – Asset Management – Whole-life management of physical assets Recently, I am keen on asset management. If a business manages its own assets well, it helps not only in return on investment but also the environment. So, I bought this book, Asset Management – Whole-life management of physical assets, and study it. Review […]



Background of Reading – Sprint Personally, I am really interested in project management. I love to see a team achievement and succeed. So, I keep looking for more and more project management framework I can put into my tool box. Sprint is one of them. Review – Sprint This is a very interesting book, building […]

The 80/20 Principle

The 80/20 Principle

Background of Reading – The 80/20 Principle One night, my girlfriend passed me a book, The 80/20 Principle. She said, you may be interested in it. So, I had a look and I like the idea in it. Review – The 80/20 Principle This book is about effectiveness; how to make your decision more effective. […]

Agile Project Management for Dummies


Background of Reading – Agile Project Management for Dummies If you follow the blog, you will know I am taking the project manager path for my career. “Agile” is a big term in IT industry, it is quickly moving, spreading towards hardware industry. Indeed Toyota is using a method call Lean as a car manufacturing company. […]

The Personal MBA


Background of Reading – The Personal MBA The Personal MBA looked interesting for me because I was thinking to do a MBA. However, I had doubts on what MBA is offering by most universities. Are they really good educators to teach me that? And when I have a look on the job market, do we […]

Fearless Change

Fearless Change

Background of Reading – Fearless Change I am an engineer, excellent in conceptual design, calculation, writing reports and presentations. However, up to change management, I am just a little baby.  Fearless Change was introduced by a man in an Agile meetup. I shared some on my worries with this man who I have never seen before (thanks to […]