The Outsiders

Background of Reading – The Outsiders

I buy this book, “The Outsiders”, because I am wondering how to value a CEO who is preforming well or not. On top of that, It is one of the book recommended by Warren Buffet.

“An outstanding book about CEOs who excelled at capital allocation.” – Warren Buffett

Review – The Outsiders

This book is a very interesting and it is not just for CEOs but also shareholders. There are 8 stories for each CEOs in the book and a conclusion.

When I was reading Chapter 6, I was kind of getting the idea of the book and thinking to skip to the conclusion. Really tempting!! Once I have forced myself to finish Chapter 7, I was like, “Man, I really wanna skip Chapter 8.” Then I saw the title of Chapter 8 “Warren Buff & Berkshire Hathaway”. “Ok, I am a good boy, let me finish it.” 😀

The book talks about the strategy and management style for individual CEOs and also find that they have some common characteristics. If you want to be a good business owner and CEO, it is a must read item.

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